my character was at level 58 and went back to level 1 !!

my character was at level 58 and went back to level 1 and load when I went to report the following sentence: "We have detected some abnormalities in your character's data, you will be unable to play a multiplayer game."
I can not play multiplayer, how do I normalize the situation? I gave the character and load it back to level 58 but the message started to appear and prevents me from entering the tournament (PVP).
Please help me!!


  • AtlhantsAtlhants Registered Users 2 Posts
    Have support ?????
  • mgoksumgoksu Registered Users 1 Posts
    Atlhants wrote: »
    Have support ?????
    I am playing this game for months. I finally face to face with a problem like yours. I was level 54 then i am now level 1. I tried to fix it with cloud data. But it wasn't affect. Now i am level 15 and i can't play multiplayer games.
  • xlMulatolxxlMulatolx Registered Users 3 Posts
    a minha voltou do level 54 para o 28 e minhas armas sumiram . tenho foto da minha conta level 54
  • big_mbig_m Registered Users 2 Posts
    Today my character was reset from 60 to 1 AGAIN for the fourth time. 1 time - 58lv,2 -45, 3-57 and 4 - 60lv.
    What is going on whit this game? The cloud isn`t work. Don`t know what`s going on. Dose any body have a solution for this problem?
  • CrowXSlayermasterCrowXSlayermaster Registered Users 3 Posts
    I think they  have stopped supporting this game 
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