Survival tournament

TerryQTerryQ Registered Users 241 Posts
Sounds great, oh wait those that can reach the higher waves get more vp, so no guessing the winners there then. I guess I could just do the tower more often to get more vp, oh wait takes to long to get the tickets back.

Well yet again an unlevel playing field.

Us casual players would like the chance of winning the better stuff too you know, but hey as long as the elites and cash payers are happy, who gives a toss about the rest. Not glu that's a fact.
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  • ResolvedResolved Registered Users 98 Posts
    I know bro , those stupid Elites . But the Elites arent pay2win lol , i suggest u get your gs higher. Ull be able to enter a good guild and win tourneys , GL
  • pelepalapelepala Registered Users 349 Posts
    if you still grinding for weapon and armor dont bother with tourny beside fusion and evolve. Getting youself prepare for the next tournament is yours first priority. i didnt start participate in tournament until i got max 36 gold.
  • CraigsterCraigster Registered Users 143 Posts
    I have a general question about leaderboard events. If you happen to place in an event and win a prize, does it get mailed to your highest level guy only or can it be used by any of your 3 guys? (Mage, Warrior or Monk)
  • pelepalapelepala Registered Users 349 Posts
    all 3 character has the same mail so depends on which character you decide to open the mail and "claim" the reward.

    so a great way to lvl low char is with your high lvl char able to win prizes in tournament like token and have your low lvl char open the mail and use the token for weapon/armor or reagent.
  • CraigsterCraigster Registered Users 143 Posts
    Excellent! That's good to know info right there! I found out the hard way about Tickets to Endless Tower event. I used up 40 on my recently created Mage going all the way to level 10 and then jumped over to my big bad warrior expecting to go to 50-60 and I had no tickets. I guess they are community tickets just like community prizes! Oh well. Not sure if I will place in the one going on or not. I was around 9000 when I left for work. Will see! 8)
  • DemonicDemonic Registered Users 167 Posts
    <--- winner :p
  • CraigsterCraigster Registered Users 143 Posts
    And how much is that going to cost ya?
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