Reporting suspected "Hackers"



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    Last one

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    CheatTeam wrote: »
    GluAdmin, Moloch, ect. You have a serious infestation on your hands. The highest ranked guilds consist of your most active players and you are F'ing our loyalty in the A. Why should we play EW3 everyday, grinding and farming for hours when you need to cheat to win. You F'd us on the previous pay to win tournament which left an open sore, and so you start a new tournament. Well now that little scratch is a festering wound and it is killing us, our attitude and desire to play this game.
    You need to do something about it and you need to do it now. You obviously don't realize how little confidence your most active players have in your ability to keep us interested in this game. This cash cow is off to the slaughter house, and the clock is ticking *****.

    +1 well said man
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    Please administrator, can you check the vp to the first an the second gamer in the tournament please ? I think what they hack.the names are Nosz and ******killer !

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    We are aware of the issue and everyone's perspective on it. The cheat team is working on it. We are now closing all threads on this topic.

    More info here:
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