Customer support...please?

ricanboi78ricanboi78 New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
Why was there an error message causing me to be kicked out of the heroes tower, lost my ship tickets, and all the loot i had earned! This is ridiculous, if you guys dont start taking care of your daily players, and we all decide to boycott...guess we will see how long you are still in business. There are PLENTY of other great games out there!


  • SuperstargumSuperstargum Experienced Member Registered Users 197 Posts
    rofl... If would have you jump games? Just go to a different game... EVERY game will have it's glitches... It's not like you paid for the game... My game crashes on me as Im entering towers... Didnt even kill a single monster and I blew 20 tickets... It happens.. If stuff like this bothers you, you need to go and play a game that you have to pay to play =) And even then "S*h*i*t Happens"
  • whocarewhocare New Member WhocareRegistered Users 20 Posts
    I was looking for a threat where i can tell my issues,while i was looking i saw many threat people talking about different issues except only one similar to mine, " resetting XP" which i understand now why my level stuck at 50.
    I have Sony Xperia LT29i and since new update my game crash only some time not always but before the last update my game never crashed,second i play EW3 over and almost 8 hours a day,and my 100% battery drain in every 2 hours while playing and i had to recharge,while charging battery if i play it still consume too much battery,and the result close the game let it charge battery first.
    can Glu do something about draining battery?
    Above all I love Eternity Warriors 3 :D
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