Going to post this in a thread just to make it clear

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I WILL not be buying gems until the NEW level 51+ bug is fixed, i advise everyone who pays regularly to stop until it is cleared by admin that the bug is fixed, these are some of the basic things the devs should be testing before they upload new content this is the SECOND time this happened and ONLY benefits the players who had high level heros pre 1.1 patch, fix it glu.

There is no point for ANYONE who pays for gems to compete in tomorrow's survival tournament as all the players who have 3 characters now have 360 gems to burn in endless, your already 500-1million vp behind and in this weeks fuse tourney (if there is one) there earning 2.2million x 3 every day which sucks for players like me who genuinely farmed 99.9 million and took me weeks


  • UltraSceptileUltraSceptile Senior Member Registered Users 1,969 Posts
    You could always buy gems to match the 360 is what they're gonna say....
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  • Jaynee killJaynee kill Experienced Member Registered Users 183 Posts
    That 100% will not be there answer as there losing too much money this will be fixed by tonight as it effects profit massively
  • UltraSceptileUltraSceptile Senior Member Registered Users 1,969 Posts
    I was half kidding.

    When someone first posted the 51 glitch on forums, a week later it disappeared.
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