Warrior level 51?

warlordacewarlordace Registered Users 27 Posts
With the warrior character/class I maxed out at level 50. I was just wondering if level 51 exists? Like do I have to get an "A" on all areas in regular mode and legendary mode? If there is a way to unlock level 51 let me know.


  • TraineluTrainelu Registered Users 482 Posts
    Actually lv. 51 is not achievable anymore. It was a bug on IOS before the previous update.
  • pelepalapelepala Registered Users 349 Posts
    yea no more lvl 51 until lvl increase. if PVP is introduce the player above lvl 51+ will have a slight advantage to player at lvl 50 even with full godly gear. Its abit unfair to other player that didnt make pass lvl 50 b4 the patch. since ea lvl give a slight bonus to attack.
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