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  • legit-matelegit-mate Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please investigate this player. I battled him twice and both times his health did not go down one bit. Furthermore, he was just standing under my orb without bothering to move and his health still did not go down at all.
  • PEPUSPEPUS Registered Users 36 Posts
    Another hacker with infinity live ....

    [IMG][/img]930003425093817.jpg 862eb5425093911.jpg
  • PEPUSPEPUS Registered Users 36 Posts
    Another f*** hacker with infinity live

    [IMG][/img]708c34425320180.jpg 357922425320246.jpg
  • htcnekhtcnek Registered Users 4 Posts
    lexa164. Egy budos nagy cheater az arenaban!
  • PEPUSPEPUS Registered Users 36 Posts
    Another, another, another....
    F*** hackers.

    F*** hackers....

    [IMG][/img]2dacaf425369310.jpg 293908425369328.jpg
  • TAJINDERRTAJINDERR Registered Users 43 Posts
    I m adding some more names of hacker's. .......
    spvoligorsp, ares, kingreset, xyrce and more ....All are health regenerating...
    Everyday it's increasing and noone here to fix.
  • 1985djfsapk1985djfsapk Registered Users 4 Posts
    Lot of posts/complains had been made but there is no official announcement from you, GLU Team.

    We wanted to know if you have plans on updating, fixing, mainting EW3.

    I personally choose EW3 over EW4. So it is important foe me to know if i ahould continue playing this game.

    Hope it will not take too long for you to hear our voices.
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