Pvp cheats already

mulkishamulkisha New MemberRegistered Users 17 Posts
So I was fighting a warrior called Glebkr with my mage and I was winning, I had more hp than him, when he decided to quit the game. Now it was 0-0 but I was winning the fight. I then had to wait for well over a minute for the fight to end, and once it did he got the win!!! How is that possible?? I had more hp etc and he won cos he quit because he was losing?
So yeah...Glebkr is a sore loser and I lose my win streak because he quit instead of lose like a real man


  • harry potterharry potter Advanced Member Registered Users 741 Posts
    that would be an interesting bug if whoever quits first wins...!!
  • Yash ChawlaYash Chawla Junior Member Registered Users 82 Posts
    But that is a bug man ! not a cheat ,the title you have to this thread just frightened me!
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  • mulkishamulkisha New Member Registered Users 17 Posts
    Well it is cheating if they are using the bug to win every fight. And then it's unfair on people like me who are playing fairly and winning a fight, only to lose cos the other guy quits
  • GlebkrGlebkr New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    I didnt quit the game, your char disapeared and there was a message on my screen that YOU left the game. Maybe is a bug or something i dont know.
  • mulkishamulkisha New Member Registered Users 17 Posts
    Ok well I was still there fighting. Can this post be removed then as it's unfair to slate you if you didn't quit. Was just annoyed I lost my streak that's all. No offence intended
  • VoidBladerVoidBlader Experienced Member Registered Users 255 Posts
    So he lag and disconnect, and lost, but thought his opponent left?
  • ImrulkzImrulkz Advanced Member MalaysianRegistered Users 677 Posts
    Got dc too much in pvp, lost energy dammn
  • kennygkennyg Experienced Member Registered Users 250 Posts
    VoidBlader wrote: »
    So he lag and disconnect, and lost, but thought his opponent left?

    I'm thinking op was lagging and didn't know it and reconnected to see he lost.
  • AleksieAleksie Junior Member Registered Users 72 Posts
    Man Kennyg you're everywhere...
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