New update means to quit the game?

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Hey admins! Read this. I'm losing all my patience regarding your new update. I'm a regular player here and spent some bucks because I'm having a great time playing a game like this BUT now, the new update is sück as hell. Read all those shítty thing you made:
1. Recommeded GS vs on the current map doesnt fit. Most of us had already a 12k gs / class and still mobs and boss does a 20k damage in just one hit? Wth. How come that the damage was never tolerable for our heroes!

2. Pvp: Delay issue in the arena. cant even imagine that we are encountering "accessing network" most of the time and we were unable to control our heroes and doesnt even "click/push" the buttons. I believe this issue has not been existing before.

3. Monk-eys are imbalance in the arena. How come they have more invulnerability moment when hitting : heavy kick, dodge and vaj'ra. Adding up their 6secs cooldown of vortex while the mage and warrior did not decreases their cooldowns for their skills.

4. Demon Lord Reagents drop rate are so rare to get one. How come after beating the spider queen for almost 8minutes and spent red,blue and revive potions the drop is so cràp. It doesn't even drop at least 1 reagent after beating her 3 in a row. A reagent drop at least one should be permanent drop of a boss!

We understand that this game is a business for you but you should listen also to your players.

We demand to balance the game!

If update / rebalancing should not be done, then i'm going to quit this game.

I know you're going to ban me for this post but I'm speaking out for all the players who are playing this game.


  • ThrageThrage Registered Users 100 Posts
    They won't ban you. But they also won't do anything about your complaints. All of them are valid. The 2 I have most issue with are accessing network and drop rate. More than just accessing network is the latency issue in arena. She. All my skills land like they should but don't do damage because of the opponents latency there is an issue. My latency at its worst point is still under 100ms. So no its not my end. People will intentionally fight on servers where they have huge latency. 5 6 700 ms because it gives them a huge advantage. Maybe set it so if you aren't under a certain point you can't use that a server. On to drop rates. They suck. I remember patch notes a while back that EVERY boss from that point forward would properly drop at least one reagent. I'm like 95% sure that spider queen is a boss. Eve if its only sigils and hearts most of the time and shards ever 20 or 30 kills that would be fine. But people with 100+ kills can could t on one hand the total number of reagents they have gotten.
  • VengefulVengeful Registered Users 19 Posts
    Guess that legendary loots and reagents removed from the queen. Just beated her again still gain nothing. I already spent my 18 revive potion expecting to get sigils but then, it sücks.
  • JohnBoy12JohnBoy12 Registered Users 129 Posts
    I was hoping for some good new content and have not been able to kill the ice queen spider yet. I can farm The Brink with using only 1-3 pots but cant even get a sigil!?!?! they drop more than any other reagent for every other class of reagents but now they are harder to get than demon prince soul shards.... Where is my Bull Sh it flag? I was very lucky to get an inconceivable helm of fortitude from god of gold but I cant upgrade it because all that drops are demon lord eyes...wth. I have like 25 eyes and one or two blood. I have spent a little money on the game but am not spending another dime when there is no guarantee on getting any items I need. especially when full inconceivable with gold runes can probably get killed easily by the boss.

    I am also tired of farming and not getting any drops or just the same ones I have been getting. I managed to get 4 gold level 44 weapons in 4 days on my warrior but I cant get a single pair of Godly boots on any of my characters. I do have a life and my play time can be limited so when I do two endless runs and don't get anything...I am done playing because I cant get anything worth while anywhere else in the game.

    I think this is how a large percentage of the game population feels that hasn't already quit. The game will die soon enough when your average gamers wont spend on the excessive pay to win scale and don't cheat. then the cheaters and big spender will only have them selves to play and get bored too. Eternity Warriors 3 will be the shortest lifespan of the game line yet. CO-OP if they every planned to release it will probably run off ship tokens or something ridiculous. Don't even bother if that is the case because people are tired of all the wait to play aspects on anything worth while in the content.
  • FearBreakerFearBreaker Banned Users 72 Posts
    All that has been stated are 500% true, this game has become a DEADEND for us, there is entirely no sense of getting those lvl 50 gears and reagents unless you use MONEY. We all know they will just simply ignore what we post here why, as long as as there are players who are still spending $$ on this game it's still good for them. The question is how long?
  • Pt604Pt604 Registered Users 20 Posts
    I concur.

    I know the list of gripes is endless but id like to point out a couple thing:

    1. Since her nerfing the mage in pvp is there any in the top 10? Top 20? I may be wrong but i dont see any.. But expect it'd be mainly monks are there.. This jump kick and run technique is stupid.. You cant ever seem to damage a monk that is jump kicking you.. And the two other specials they are pretty much invulnerable?! (Except jab attack)
    2. Players that are willing to BUY level 50 weps can kill a fully geared level 50 with godly armour with one dash.. Seriously?
    3. Arena guild rewards are messed up! You give alfa (no point lying 15*50 gold/god offerings every week) - can any other guild compete in offerings tourney (that is also now every week?) whats the point in half the tourneys each week? Yes,, recent guilds have been buying their rankings as of late but we are talking of 1.5mm in vp each week going to alfa in a regular offering tourney or 375k each tiered spender which is already significant amount of vp to overcome
    4. Nerfing drops in endless- ive been hunting level 110-120 pretty much with most of my endless tokens and have so far found one godly bracer of fortitude id say over the last 3 weeks???

    I'm glad i have 3 level 50 characters now.. I cant imagine a new player walking in now and trying to compete with the upper echelon (or a new guild for that matter)

    I also point out that vengeful is a solid pvp player currently ranked #48 in this season in arena.. So we are talking about a guy that knows what he is talking about

    My 2 cents at the top of my head. I dont mean to complain too much but evolve, offering, fusion, offering, evolve, offering... You get the point - tourneys are boring.. I know we had a bunch of time off to farm but I've almost given up and may quit as well if things dont change.. Game has become too predicable.

    Don't even get me started on the new ice queen.

    Good luck guys..
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    Vengeful wrote: »
    Hey admins! Read this. I'm losing all my patience regarding your new update. I'm a regular player here and spent some bucks...
    1. Recommeded GS [is way out]
    3. Monk-eys [haha]
    4. Demon Lord Reagents drop rate are so rare to get one. How come after beating the spider queen for almost 8minutes and spent red,blue and revive potions the drop is so cràp. It doesn't even drop at least 1 reagent after beating her 3 in a row. A reagent drop at least one should be permanent drop of a boss!
    ...I'm speaking out for all the players who are playing this game.

    All valid. #4 would be the most bull$hit one (bull$hit meaning unfair). My 12.5k GS mage cant get her down past half way. OK I have only made 6 or so attempts but from what I read in the forums it is not worth it to kill her anyway.
  • Big SageBig Sage Registered Users 317 Posts
    I agree, I'm giving up. This game gets worst every "update" reminds me of another game that goes by the initials rs.
  • griml0ckgriml0ck Registered Users 229 Posts
    I have been thinking a lot about quitting myself of late – and I’ve spent plenty of hard earned cash on the game. It’s just not fun anymore. The tourney’s are boring and repetitive (remove survival but don’t introduce anything new??) and the ticketing for spider queen and lack of DL reagents just feels like blatant cash grab. Way to shiit on your loyal customers.
  • athellathell Registered Users 49 Posts
    Yep yep all I can say is I total agree with with wat said.
    1- wbat the point of having patch if the monster straight is so unbalanced that even if it poster that gs required is 8000-9000 ppl with 12.5k gs characters with good resistance and fier damage runse getting killed there I sec. And lets say for a sec somehow they do manage to finish the maps the drop is much basicly worthless and even if the player hunts for reagents exept few eyes he wont get much. How come the new lvls wont drop almost no other reagens after alot of tries and compering with other ppl I can say thqt onec I a 10 + runs u get maby one blood and on the 9k map once ecery 20+ u migth get sigi and noting can help u to get hars. And the sad thing if buy some miracle u able to farm spider q it wont get any better most of times she wont drop any reagent too. U said in the past that all bosses wil drop atlist one reagent per kill and it not true. Buttom line the new lvls added to the game are totally unbalanced by the strength required to play In them and what worse they dont offer anything that can be wort a wile t prize to go trout this kind of almost impossible mission. The way it stands now players can only advance up to goldy gears using tower and that makes it the ciling cos full goldy set not good enaff to farm ice caverns that give u noth. The only way go get new gear is using offerins and same about reagents for evolving them. So I will ask the q what the point of the new maps that u cant win and give u noting.
    2- It suggestion for pvp. If u show the names of the ppl fighting during the figth itself the screen shot we make for ppl who cheating will be much more relibel and when they come from multiple sources it will become sertanty. It will help u with makeing the game more clean from cheaters with less mistakes.
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