Submitted ticket over a week ago.....

R0nBurgundyR0nBurgundy Registered Users 18 Posts
I submitted a ticket over a week ago to customer care. I have yet to receive any response other than the auto-reply that comes immediately after submitting. Would appreciate help from a moderator.


  • ducvaderducvader Registered Users 204 Posts
    Although the auto response and even the post in here say it may take up to 48 hours for a response..that's just not true. I had a ticket that took about 8 days to get a response. Other times I get a response in 30 minutes. 48 hours doesn't seem right - expect anywhere from 7 to 14 days for a response.
  • bobiek1983bobiek1983 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Me too, submittet a ticket in 7th July still no responde. 2 days ago a submittet on fake account a ticket, just to check how they care (I put something that I got problem with buying gems). And guess what? they responde to me before 24 hours. Shame yourself, really bad customer service and development.
  • R0nBurgundyR0nBurgundy Registered Users 18 Posts
    FINALLY!!. Got a response today that my ticket was being forwarded to the proper team, and I will be notified when completed. Still not finished, but at least it is finally a sign of some progress.
  • SirSySirSy Registered Users 60 Posts
    Ron....Was your ticket about having to share the donkey?
  • pavitpavit Registered Users 41 Posts
    and still same my problem i want my real account back my name changed to uuuuhuuuuu( my real e warr 3 user name pavitshokeen)
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