IPhone 5 Battery replacement / new phone- game progress. Please help *glu admin read*

dirtymoneydirtymoney Junior MemberRegistered Users 72 Posts
I am eligible for a new battery from Apple. They will either replace the battery or give me a new iPhone 5. They advise erasing settings and data before they replace the battery but to back my iphone up to cloud or iTunes.

If I get a new iPhone 5 or erase settings and data on iPhone 5 before battery replacement, will my game data/progress be saved and accessible when i restore the phone from back up ?

I am on an iPhone 5.

I have fully godly level 50 warrior and partial godly level 50 monk. I cant afford to lose all of my progress.

Please advise what i should do to have access to my game following all of this.

Thank you in advance!!!


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