"362: Data Error" in game, what does this mean?

Has anyone encountered this issue? I can't seem to get the free gem from watching the video.

Here is what I do:
1) Go to Offerings
2) Click on "Get More Gem Free"
3) At the "Earn Gems" page, I watch one of the video to get 1 Gem free
then I would receive - you have earn the gem, and "362: Data Error"

Anyone know what that means and any fixes?

Thanks in advance!


  • R0nBurgundyR0nBurgundy Registered Users 18 Posts
    It means you have reached the cap for free gems available from tapjoy for completing offers. After an unspecified amount of time it will reset. You should still be able to receive gems for watching videos though.
  • tk7tk7 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Oh, I still can't receive the gem from the video. When is this "unspecified" reset time? Because let's face it - this game is nothing without those gems, and make it less interesting and boring. Haha the only way is to spend money or get it through the free ads...which apparently has a cap on it too. I might just delete this game, if you know what I mean :D
    But thanks for your reply though!
  • BearsackBearsack Registered Users 4 Posts
    U said after an unspecified time it will reset... So when is this unspecified reset time?? Plz help me to solve this problem
  • BUNO2BUNO2 Registered Users 77 Posts
    Honestly it can be solved or cant be :/ hope it gets solved for you guys best of luck
  • BearsackBearsack Registered Users 4 Posts
    Is there any other way to earn lots of gems I mean I don't want to earn 1 or 2 gems by watching free videos in ew3... So is there any hack tool for free gems if there is then plz tell me I seriously need it..
  • 3k4peikos3k4peikos Registered Users 18 Posts

    if ur using apple platform, then you need a jailbroken device in order to cheat gems etc. However jailbreaking raises some other pretty nasty issues (im not going to get into them here). For the time being, if your device is not jailbroken, TapJoy gem hack is the only one that is out there. There may be other hacks, but im not aware of them (and i scattered a large portion of the internet). Don't fall for gem generators, Account enhancers and other c.r.a.p. - they are just a scam.
    However, if ur using android, then it is very simple to instal hacked version of this game. Just search any torrent site.
  • BearsackBearsack Registered Users 4 Posts
    Soo I need a jailbroken device In order to cheat gems... The problem is my device is not jailbroken... Somehow if I get jailbroken device then can u tell how to cheat on that device?? I mean do I have to download some app for that or something?? Plz tell me..
  • GluAdminGluAdmin Administrator 2,464 Posts
    Hacking and cheating are not allowed in the game. This thread is now closed.
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