My mail is empty!!! ????

IndiepwnIndiepwn Registered Users 62 Posts
Just logged in and all my mail is gone. I had about 200 God of Gold in their saved up from the last 6 months. Be saving to use once I got to lvl 56. Now they are all gone. GLU please fix this now. I want my GOG back!!!


  • G0tgameG0tgame Registered Users 25 Posts
    All my mail is gone also. Glu please look into this and possibly restore it.
  • VengefulVengeful Registered Users 19 Posts
    Mine also. Plus i'm not able to receive new mails and rewards from arena. Won 2 times but unknown error : 1 occurs. No ap and star obtained.
  • deeb22deeb22 Registered Users 2 Posts
    same here, I have empty mail on my account so does my friends.

    hope its temporary :(
  • enriquegenriqueg Registered Users 73 Posts
    Me too. Had about 100 or so gold tokens in there too. GLU, where are you?
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