Centurions Guild on Android recruiting active players

CrunchCenturionsCrunchCenturions New MemberRegistered Users 8 Posts
Centurions guild is recruiting active members interested in competing in the tourneys. We typically finish in the top 50, but occasionally slip into the 51-100 range. Recently we have had to say goodbye to a handful of inactive members, so we now have a number of spots available. If you are in a small guild, perhaps your guild would like to consider a merge. Our main interest is tourney participation.
If interested, please send me a friend request in game or respond to this post.



  • russoulrussoul New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Would like to join your guild if spot still available, I'm a fairly new but active player, 8.1k gs.
  • CrunchCenturionsCrunchCenturions New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    Hi, tried to invite you but it looks like some other guild might have beat me to it, as you are already in a guild. If you are still interested, add me in game.

    We are still looking for new blood, so anyone else please friend me in game.

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