Stuck at Normal Hellboy

MajorThorMajorThor New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
With 2015 GS and the 404 Squires Burden weapon from Nian I'm finding it near impossible to get Hellboy past even 80% HP. Everything seems to be going smoothly at the get go but out of nowhere I'm finding myself chain bursted to death with no option of even using the Parry command. I've tried farming the areas just before Ivar Mountains for a chance at getting some "next tier" purples or a better weapon, but nothing is dropping at, nothing. The only 2 epics that I've seen drop are Spectacular items (which drops off Cyclops ffs.) So what should I do folks? My gear is pretty much all Heaveny Gear of Resolve (Legendary) but it seems to not be enough. I was able to farm Nian with Full Glorious and Demonbreaker but with Full Heavenly and Burden I can't even dent Hellboy. I feel like a freakin' baddy.


  • MajorThorMajorThor New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Seriously, the scaling in this game is utterly horrid. I've spent the last week trying to farm up the gear in order to make myself more suitable for the encounter but even the loot tables for each level is trash. Farming the Church only to get Holy armours which is way worse than my Heavenly armours is laughable. Being able to farm Nian with Cyclops gear was challenging enough, making it so my full Legendary set from Nian is worthless is just bad coding.
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