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Inventory reset
It's the second time during the last two days that you reset the Inventory of my Mage. I spend a lot of Gems to prepare runes for bosshunt and now all items are like two days agos but my gems are gone. I also found a lot of reagents in the last two days which are gone too. What the hell is wrong with your game, Glu??

There are also a lot of long time error which are not fixed yet (Arena lags, Network errors, all these cheaters...). If you don't want to support this game anymore, close server and all is fine. But don't continue this way...


  • nightforcenightforce New Member Registered Users 37 Posts
    i never had this bug. but i can feel your pain ...

    the only bug i have is error at the loot window. and you can't proceed, the only thing you can do is stop the game and loose all the loot
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