GLU: Never again

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I will never play another Glu game.

I started out with EW3 very excited. It worked much better than my old game as far as the unreliable network inherent in cell phones. It was well designed so I could pop in, knock off a level or farm for stuff, then go back to work or what have you.

As time went on I noticed that the quality of bug fixes seemed to be wanting: New versions seemed to fix some bugs but others crept in, and the network stack seemed to get worse instead of better. Whereas in the beginning the game was quite forgiving of dropouts, and the "Retry?" button actually worked, later retry just got into an infinite loop. This smacks of poor testing, development, and system management.

However, gameplay has always been cool and the variety of scenarios was excellent, not to mention the graphics which are very nice.

Fast forward to the 4.1 version- the last. It was released, it totally broke the clan system, and suddenly Glu dropped off the face of the earth. Fun stuff like PvP disappeared. No communication, nothing, and no fix to the game (ever, it turns out). No notifications about the future of the game.

Then, many months later, Version 4 comes out. "Congratulations, EW3, all you players with level 42 characters... sayonara! Enjoy your broken game, we've moved on!" says Glu. Well, figuratively- because we they never did give us an official announcement (which is only half the problem anyway- the other half leaving us in the lurch).

Look, I spent a couple of bucks on this thing. Not a whole lot, mind you, but enough of a tip to let the developers and company know I appreciated it and I'm not interested in being a complete freeloader. But the way it's been handled over the last year is shameful.

I am not and have never been a revenue stream. I'm a gamer, a human who invested deeply in the game- much to my shame and chagrin, now. My character has been stuck at level 42 for over half a year, because I could just not get past the Ice Queen. I practiced and practiced. I checked in as often as I could, and accumulated 30 health and 29 revive potions for the inevitable massive confrontation.

A few minutes ago jumped in to play- to the bitter end- and used up a dozen revives and a whole pile of healths. After 9 minutes and 9 seconds of playing the level, the phone became unresponsive. After 1-2 minutes it seemed to stutter back to life, but another minute later it rebooted. I have a Nexus 5, this is not an exotic phone. The game crashed and I have no recourse.

Worse, the company doesn't care. I have often felt that the game has been designed to try and squeeze a little cash out of us, which I can understand. But I can see now that the company, in the most cynical fashion, is almost exclusively focused on that. "Throw 'em a bone, and let's see if they bite."

I am done playing any sort of Glu game. There are plenty out there to occupy my time, but if they have the "Glu" name attached to them I will steer clear. This is my final posting, my final interaction with Glu (except perhaps they'll consider it worth their while to delete this posting- I don't doubt it). I'm taking my time and money elsewhere. So far Clash of Clans is good- I don't know if they are as noncommunicative but the game mechanics and graphics are so simple that it's pretty bug-free, so I don't care. WOT Blitz is very interactive with their users (they have to be, it's exclusively multiplayer). Hearthstone is another one- multiplayer primarily, and with an established company with a solid reputation to keep.

Anything but Glu. I'm going to hit "Post" now, and delete EW3 from my phone. Adios, and the hell with EW4- are you kidding me


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    Game is uninstalled.
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    Glu is good at game design, but the support and bug fixing/anti-cheat is non-existent
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