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Pocketq10Pocketq10 New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
It been 4-5 days since I've heard anything about my lost account since the update. Will my account be recovered or should I give up and play elsewhere? Please respond gluadmin


  • BigTokerBigToker New Member Registered Users 14 Posts
    I've been waitting just as long..... I want an answer too. But I don't see us ever getting a respond. This was my favorite app. Now I'm looking else where and spending money on other games. Glu You are losing money every day I don't play
  • dudeman13dudeman13 New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    i lost my account to, but i'm just waiting, just have a bit of faith.
  • IndyHorseLoverIndyHorseLover New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Did anyone every get a response from Glu? Because I've been away from my iPad for a while but I'm at Location 14 on my other devices now. I was up to location 11 on my iPad when I last played Deerhunter 2014 and I do NOT want to start all over again from the beginning where the gun wiggle-wiggles all over the place when you're trying to shoot (especially a precision shot like the heart for instance)!!!! I've spent a lot of Glu Gold getting the weapons and equipment I needed and can't imagine that Glu would let down their fan base like that. Would they? I've been playing, spending, and recommending this game to everyone I know who 'games' since 2013!! That's 3+ years of loyalty, and who knows how many years yet to come? Is Glu the type of company who just throws loyal fans away and wordlessly ignores their submitted pleas for assistance? I truly hope not.
    But DID anyone ever get a reply about their account recovery?
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