"I've worn out my thumb print through months of farming" (& wearing gloves)

harry potterharry potter Advanced MemberRegistered Users 741 Posts
I just saw someone in general chat say that... "I've worn out my thumb print through months of farming".

There are special gloves that I have seen advertised to let you use the mobile/tablet while wearing them. When I use to play this a lot I wore one myself for the left hand, the right wasn't so bad.

Does anybody wear gloves while playing? Or do thumb/finger exercises?? Serious questions!! :)


  • EternityWarriorEternityWarrior Experienced Member Registered Users 450 Posts
    Don't press too hard. Pressing hard or lightly doesn't change anything. Also, if you have tons of muscles you might even crack your phone.
  • harry potterharry potter Advanced Member Registered Users 741 Posts
    Well I would have thought that was common sense... The only similar thing you needed to press hard on were the 1960s typewriters!!

    Edit: One reason I wore a glove though was the tablet was becoming hot. (This was in summer time in Australia when I was playing for hours at a time).
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