Where is Jade forest?

LietoLieto Experienced MemberRegistered Users 141 Posts
And where do i get wings now?
Sorry for short thread but i am not sure if its in the patch notes...


  • pelepalapelepala Experienced Member Registered Users 349 Posts
    removed since the update. only farmable wing now is from hellboy and other offering.
  • LietoLieto Experienced Member Registered Users 141 Posts
    where did bright blue wings came from?
  • SoFuQSoFuQ New Member Registered Users 20 Posts
    Doesn't nian drop wings?
  • UltraSceptileUltraSceptile Senior Member Registered Users 1,969 Posts
    SoFuQ wrote: »
    Doesn't nian drop wings?

    Jade Forest Nian dropped wings.

    But he's gone now.
    UltraSceptile~Forums King.
  • EternityWarriorEternityWarrior Experienced Member Registered Users 450 Posts
    Lieto wrote: »
    where did bright blue wings came from?

    If you are talking about warrior's greater wings of light, they can be bought with 3000 gems in the store. However, it's not worth it so don't buy it.
  • ThinIceThinIce Experienced Member Registered Users 463 Posts
    Lol nothing in this game is worth 3000 gems. The only gems worth using are for item slots and maybe a high end reagent if you're desperate.
  • Big SageBig Sage Experienced Member Registered Users 317 Posts
    The 2nd version Of Jade Forest is now gone for good, along with the storm wings, their may be a 3rd version of Jade forest, but only time can tell, also as for wings, like stated above, the only wings that are dropped at this time are the wings hell boy drops, (:
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