about the updates..

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As u notice, players are now leaving the game.
The updates makes everything difficult, the runes actually helpful but not really. Before the updates everything was normal and alright, bosses or beast are hard and tough, but still possible to kill..but now its impossible...and the reagents, you guys made it so rarely to drop. We find everything so impossible to make it through and continue...town chats are now dead..a ghost town...please do something..those who left was those people who had their characters stronger than ever like 6k gs up..and low levels from 3kgs to lower..were gone...they already left...please do something that is in favor to the gamer.so we can still proceed and enjoy...


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    town chat are dying mainly because most player prefer to talk to guild chat and player leaving the game because of the few useless update. They did make reg. endless tower abit easier but fire tower just insane harder w/o rune attachment.

    i dont play the game as much as used since 2nd jade forest. the new update with rune just plain money grabbing. removal of rune cost gem and low decent rune drop rate. i havent attached a single rune since i dont feel like attaching a green rune to weapon and spent gem to remove after i get something better or having multiple set of equipments due to bag space.

    Plus it only work with certain mob. if the new 4th kingdom is out all the previous attach rune will be uselss anyway.
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    This is another "please read" subject... Please include in the subject what it is about.

    A better subject heading for this would have been "another update sucks thread". Maybe it is just me but I hate going into a thread and having to read it just to see what it is about, that should be said in the subject.

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