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Hi.i have 1 question..is there a different if i fuse my wep with a lot of uncommon or common items(i mean grey and greens) than if i fuse it with rare items?(blue yellow pink).i mean if i make it to 15/15 with greens the total att it gonna be less than if i make it with rare items like pink or yellow?


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    It's hard to understand what you are saying. English is not native language for many people here. Try using simple and short sentences. I have to read your message three times to understand something.
    Your answer is simple: Doesn't matter what items you use for fusion.
  • FygasFygas Registered Users 2 Posts
    sry about my english :S and thanx a lot
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    The in game tips say the rarer the item the more fusion you get. Rarer means a higher colour. Also it tells you how much fusion xp you will get.
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    there is no different on what item you use to fuse an item, the result is the same: same exp and same gold, just the number of item you need to fuse.

    using legendary item just make fusing faster but cost the same as you 2 epic which get off the same exp and gold need.
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    Just an observation on fusing after 1.2 patch...

    Here are the stats to fuse two similar pieces of gear:

    Unbreakable gauntles of resolve (socketed) - 1096 GS (+14) - 543,692 VP XP and 489,322 gold
    Godly Bracers of Fortitude (not socketed) --- 1401 GS ---- 543,692 VP XP and 489,322 gold

    The first has a much lower GS but looks to give the same VP XP because it is socketed (with a common, green, 3.8% fire resist rune). I didn't fuse them both to check the final VP but they should be exactly the same because they have the same VP XP.
  • EternityWarriorEternityWarrior Registered Users 450 Posts
    Godly and Unbreakable items have always had the same amount of XP needed to fuse.
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    So does anyone know if a socketed item will offer more fusion XP than unsocketed? Also does the type of rune in it affect it?
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