Endless lvl 110+ drops?

AmsterdammedAmsterdammed Registered Users 25 Posts
Has anyone else noticed the reduction in quality of drops at lvls 110 upwards?

Just done two runs, collecting between 110 and 125, and received only THREE blue items and nothing higher.

I drop my iif gear and use energy reduction for the tower as iif is meant to make no difference, but still have 285%...

Has anyone else noticed such an appalling drop rate?

I think I'm done for now, the frustration factor is just too high atm - maybe I'll try playing again next week after the next game tweaks..


  • Jkilla24Jkilla24 Registered Users 11 Posts
    I've given up on endless mode. From 110-120 I find nothing but greens and my iif is 310
  • pelepalapelepala Registered Users 349 Posts
    the tower's difficulty has gotten lower i was able to reach lvl 130 with just 1 pot and revive. out of the 5 run i did i got 2 purple, 4 blue, 2 yellow. a unbreakable at lvl 125 and godly ring of berserk at lvl 128 and tower drop rune as well just pretty low. got 2 out of the 5 run i did. my iif is at 240ish.
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