Tournament Rewards Should Be Rune Offerings not Bronze

kennygkennyg Registered Users 250 Posts
title says it all...the daily gift was changed this should to.


  • pelepalapelepala Registered Users 349 Posts
    this will be nice
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    That would make sense seeming as though they are the new thing. The item rewards should be drills plus greater (blue) or exceptional (purple) runes, as well as god of crafting and god of runes tokens.

    Ever tournament is geared for the higher level player (my suggestion of VP for levelling will probably never go in), and the high level players have over 800 tokens each, they don't need more iron or silver tokens. Plus it is easier to run tower of heroes (the original one) so easier to get godly gear.
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