New map drops

Jaynee killJaynee kill Experienced MemberRegistered Users 183 Posts
Havent played it yet, dies the final boss drop godly ? Like LHB drops UNBR ? Anyone?


  • LietoLieto Experienced Member Registered Users 141 Posts
    Most obvious would be to just let it drop level 41+ purples. Traditionally dungeons don't really drop legendaries all that much
  • Jaynee killJaynee kill Experienced Member Registered Users 183 Posts
    Thats what i was asking, does the boss (if tere is one) like LHB does he drop godly's, the dungeons will only drop blues, occasional purp on mini bosses, i wanted to know if it was tier 8 golds
  • TraineluTrainelu Experienced Member Registered Users 482 Posts
    There is no final boss yet. There are only 2 maps.
    Somebody claimed that a guild mate found Godly on the second map.
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