Legendary Nian.

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so i came to the point where i can farm LEGENDARY NIAN.

farmed him few times and got a unbreakable helmet of resolve

and a weapon named The pride of donstadt with only CC with 1987 GS

what armour should i look for at nian wich gets me to legendary hellboy?


body parts?

hope to get replies fast.

thanks for reading.


  • AplzAplz New Member Registered Users 44 Posts
    Here are the best gears you can get from him:

    Weapon: Chad, the Reticent, Sentient Sword (36)
    Helmet: Unbreakable Helmet of Resolve (36)
    Shoulder: Transcendent Spaulders of Resolve (33)
    Chest: Transcendent Chestplate of Resolve (32)
    Arms: Transcendent Bracers of Resolve (34)
    Legs: Transcendent Boots of Resolve (33)
    Necklace: Transcendent Talisman of the Vulture/Berserker (35)
    Ring: Transcendent Ring of the Vulture/Berserker (35)

    You should also visit the site in my signature, the info is all from there.
  • ThinIceThinIce Experienced Member Registered Users 463 Posts
    You can also find a L36 gold at endless wave 94 and 95. I found one yesterday doing some farming so if you have gear that can take them on, I'd start at 80-90.

    Plus gold is absolutely necessary to upgrade gear; takes so long...
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