Has anyone tried the new gift feature on the android update ?

EternityWarriorsEternityWarriors Registered Users 19 Posts
I haven't seen anyone talking about this, but I think this is a great new feature to the game.

When I sign in with google+ I can send or ask for things like health, magic, and tokens. The best thing about this that I noticed though is when you send your friends stuff it doesn't take it out of your inventory. So for example, if you send me a request for a health potion and I grant the request it doesn't take a health potion from me. It's just a free potion for nothing.

Good job with that feature! Only downside is there's a limit on how much you can receive in one day, but that makes sense since its FREE. I believe the limit is 3 items a day but may be wrong. But that's still cool, 3 free items a day for nothing.


  • EternityWarriorsEternityWarriors Registered Users 19 Posts
    No one has used or seen this new feature ? I thought more people would be talking about how you can get 3 free items a day. My guild has already started sharing their google+ information so everyone can add them and we can get 3 free potions or tokens per day.
  • revitrevit Registered Users 245 Posts
    I've seen it and thought about trying it, but I have no friends who play this lol. Probably the big thing is people are not willing to share their google+ info along with real names and such. I'm sure it's great for close-knit guilds where such "personal information" is not a problem. Once they get the actual -equipment/etc- gifting process up and running (assuming things go well with Glu and G+) I'm sure we will start seeing more people on it.
  • brokn84brokn84 Registered Users 30 Posts
    used it but haven't received the health maybe just have to keep waiting
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