<GreyWardens> is now recruiting! {Android}

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Grey Wardens is usually around top 50 in tournament's, about 60 in arena. Current GS rank is 154. Our minimum GS Required is 2k, but we would like people higher to help us stay in top 50 tournys and such. You need to be highly active, if you join and don't do anything during the tournaments you will be kicked. Only have a few open spots left, apply quick! Send a friend request to one of these guys for invite

-Brokn84 (Leader)
-Zylong (Senior Officer)
-JoyceMark (Senior Officer)
-Cïgï (senior Officer)
Spinshot (Officer)
ZHmoobgodZ (Officer)
Have a great day ☺

*Update* No longer in this guild, but I have to say I fully enjoyed it, these guys are very friendly and fun, once you get to know them you won't ever wanna leave. I did because I have a friend in another guild who wanted me to join, I still keep in touch with them however. really can't express how much I enjoyed being with them, I hope you do too. Good day☺


  • brokn84brokn84 Registered Users 30 Posts
    Now ranked 107 min 4000gs top 50 in arena and last FAIR tourney we do not participate in pay to win tourneys
  • ShadedBladeShadedBlade Registered Users 46 Posts
    now top 30 tourny top 50 PvP min around 4k
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