Attention glu 17 days without account

jonesboiijonesboii Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 3 Posts
So like the patient person I am I have sent a ticket and waited. Like the awesome company you guys are you haven't responded. Dont tell me to send a ticket or try this try that. I have done it all jonesy6812 is the games username. [email protected] is the gmail to the game. They are spelled differently so please I know its only been 17 days. I also know its a hard fix like 5 minutes. . Wewwww that must be hard to handle. 17 days and counting.....


  • R0nBurgundyR0nBurgundy Registered Users 18 Posts
    Right there with ya buddy. Submitted my ticked on July 4th. All i've recieved is an email that stated my issue is being forwarded to the proper team and I will be emailed when the process is complete. Took 12 days just to get that email. And here I still sit waiting.
  • Sos1980Sos1980 Registered Users 198 Posts
    Did either of you have an icloud backup if so wipe your device to factory settings so brand new phone/pad then reload phone when it asks if you wanna restore do it from icloud and not itunes
  • jonesboiijonesboii Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 3 Posts
    I don't have an iPhone.I did reset my phone though and nothing. So its just a long waiting game that is getting old haha.
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