Purple mist issue

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Kindly check issue in Purple Mist Map since I am not able to enter on this specific Map.

I was able to complete Normal mode however in Legendary Mode it just keeps loading

Can you let us know what we can do.

Thank you

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Note 2
Android 4.4.2


  • amit444amit444 New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    No1 that I know has been able to enter the same.... what is GLU doing??? Sleeping till now.....
  • AsuranAsuran New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I also have the same problem upon entering the Purple Mist Dungeon on Legendary Mode. I've completed the Purple Mist Dungeon Normal Mode also but when it comes to Legendary Mode, I get stuck on a forever loading screen.

    Please fix this bug.
  • conan64conan64 New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    second update made ​​but still the same problem
  • bidsybidsy Junior Member Registered Users 75 Posts
    I also have this issue....
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  • reh2breh2b Junior Member Registered Users 95 Posts
    No one can enter in leg mode...
  • IselahIselah New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    We didn't try it yet...we just want to say that the drop rate is to low now..we are disapponted with that..we are avid user and fan of EW3 but now its so hard to find gears and reagent especially level 50! Pls. Adjust the program and let us get the gear that we are looking for and lessen the no req. to evolve the gear especially lord reagents etc....its hard to loot wings also ive'd been farming hellboy and the ivar caverns for almost a thousand and No Wings!
  • SirDiGiTaLSirDiGiTaL Advanced Member Registered Users 627 Posts
    reh2b wrote: »
    No one can enter in leg mode...

    This seems to be an Android issue. No problems with Purple mist on Ios side.
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