Please glu dont let the geme die

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I know so many before posted the same, but I will do so anyway.
Right know nothing is working in EW3
1) Pvp lags so much that its is useless to enter the arena. I have a 15360 gs warrior but I can easily lose from a 11 k gs opponent. Pvp right now is only about luck since we need to guess where the opponent is. I have pvp gear that I am not evolving cause I really dont see the point.
2) Chat is not working, and its almost impossible to communicate with guild members. I know that many other guilds use mobile applications for Inter-guild Communications, but to be honest I dont fancy giving my phone number to people I dont now.
3) Its been a month since we had a midweek tourney, and its getting really boring without any. Furtemore, people are saving reagents and coins to upgrade gear during a tourney, so are getting a little bit frustrated at the moment.
4) Still no demon lord shards. Ok, I know that spider queens is supposed to drop dl ss but in reality this is not happening. Spirit bridge dropps are welcome, but whats the point if we need to buy reagents? And its not ony about money, many of us get the feeling right now that we are not playing the game, we are just buying it. Which is boring for us and unfair for people who dont want to spend money.
I am not going to mention little things like name changing, which are annoying but are not affecting the game.
Many good people are leaving the game cause they find nothing to do, and move to other titles like Avabel, or Iron knights
We can only complain and suggest, at the end of the day is your game and its up to you if yu keep it alive or if you shut it down.


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