Mage is locked up now

Come on guys would it kill you to play test what would happen to a level 50 MAGE forced to go through the tutorial? I lock up and cannot do anything when I am forced to open my inventory and pick a item. Close but no cigar for the fix my MAGE cannot be played. Please fix so I can spend money. How you guys stay in business Is a total mystery.


  • dudialdudial Registered Users 58 Posts
    haha last update new legendary maps didnt load. (even after it was patched 2x, not workin)

    and now.. mage gets level 1 ? really ?

    there must be at least one guy in glu team who tests the app before releasing it to world ? not ? ;)
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    They are to busy spending all their money from us to test things.
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