WINGS Evolution

eviljit22eviljit22 Registered Users 30 Posts
Anyone have tried evolving wings.


  • SirDiGiTaLSirDiGiTaL Registered Users 627 Posts
    Fused but not evolved, will take a while Before we have all the feather reagents needed to evolve them.
    Some hackers on Android side already have maxed gold feathers tho, not very suprising.
  • d1ck42od1ck42o Registered Users 49 Posts
    Who digital?
  • dudialdudial Registered Users 58 Posts
    and you can get them from VIP only. so 6500 gems at least..

    right ?

  • SirDiGiTaLSirDiGiTaL Registered Users 627 Posts
    d1ck42o wrote: »
    Who digital?

    Only a bunch of chinese letters on the one I know of. Got a ss but no Point in posting it here.
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