How awesome is update 3.0?

JaxMJaxM Junior MemberRegistered Users 83 Posts
Please let everyone know by submitting a review in the Apple App Store. Most of the people who submitted their reviews think that this update is awesome. Let yourselves be heard.


  • SirSySirSy Junior Member Registered Users 60 Posts
    This update is the best yet.....hahahahahahahahahahah
  • SkenderbeuSkenderbeu Junior Member Registered Users 85 Posts
    Most of those that submitted reviewed are glu employees
  • revitrevit Experienced Member Registered Users 245 Posts
    most that submit, know nothing of how the game used to be. when you think of it like that, it's not a bad game.
  • puncharoopuncharoo New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    What is this V3 you speak of. OSX has nothing :confused:
  • JaxMJaxM Junior Member Registered Users 83 Posts
    puncharoo wrote: »
    What is this V3 you speak of. OSX has nothing :confused:

    So youre using Mac. Consider yourself lucky.
  • HenShin hohoHenShin hoho Advanced Member Registered Users 769 Posts
    i dont know just upgraded iOS 8.0.0 will trying soon hopefully would appear again stupid crashing
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