Thank you GLU for making leaving finally possible

ArtemisdoorArtemisdoor Registered Users 4 Posts
I would like to say thank you GLU. EW3 can become such a sad, sloppy, money pit excuse of a game that it is no longer tenable to continue to play. Your recent response to my email which essentially brushed off any of my concerns and comments only shows your lack of interest in the people who pay for your company. I addressed concerns to the errors in guild chat, constant money grab tournaments, stingy drops, updates designed solely to increase GLU profits but not enhance the players experience, obvious hack players flaunting their abuse of your game with little consequence. It is wonderful to know that you are aware of such issues and your crack team is working of it. That response instills immense confidence.

The most recent straw upon the proverbial camels back is the ever horrid arena. Does your team even bother to play test this game? All players know that to play the arena means being subject to unfair match ups, but after so many months, to be recently matched (lvl 40 monk vs a level 50 mage in astonishing armor? means a 2 hit kill) in such a blatantly skewed fight only shows, how little you care or worse actually plan such player difficulties. At what point do the consumers even factor in to your game development?

Enjoy your laurels and profits, but I will no longer be participating or paying in your endeavors. It is sad that such a wonderful game, that could have been like Diablo or potentially Drakensang has fallen into such a state. I only hope that your new upcoming game will be better. Only time will tell.


  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    what game will you be moving onto?

    Im really thinking myself that games that cost money up front and don't screw the players at every single update are better
  • littlejonahlittlejonah Registered Users 29 Posts
    They do not seem to respond to anything from anybody!! 6 days now I've had the network error. Service there is none. What game will you move onto?

    Your post was perfect in every way !!
  • FearBreakerFearBreaker Banned Users 72 Posts
    Well, I have also lost interest in playing this game just waiting for support and a response for my email since I had all my account lost. I know they would say that they have a lot emails that needs to be dealt with, but 2 weeks minimum of waiting for a response is not very enticing at all, as I have stated in my previous threads, if the same incident happens again, then that person is obliged to wait for another 2 weeks. Why not segregate of filter out your emails to appropriately address each and every players concern appropriately, with tons of money "WE" have spent on this game, i don't see any reason why that cannot happen as well! not unless, you only have 1 person handling support!?!?
  • ArtemisdoorArtemisdoor Registered Users 4 Posts
    GLU did respond, and within 5 days. The problem is that is was a politicians answer "we are aware of the issues and are addressing them with our development team to make the next update even better..." And so forth. It's not even the response that is at issue. If the game would be fixed; how long has the issue of not being able to communicate with ones guild been happening? Will the arena ever be cleaned up? It's the overall neglect that seems to be happening with the game. Hence, my need for separating myself from the game. I'm playing Etherlords currently, or actually doing things like not playing my Ipad currently. Wow...fresh air whats that?
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