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This guide is for the newer players repeatedly asking "How do I kill the cyclops???" or for those just struggling with building their GS.

Armor rank
1.Gold 2. Purple 3. Blue 4. White

Once you first start out you can blow through the first 6 quests, after that start farming at Ancient Caverns(6th quest) get your level up and farm for reagents to upgrade your weapon and armor. Your weapon is your most valuable asset focus on it first always. The BIGGEST thing you need to learn is the bosses fighting pattern so you can dodge/parry your way out of taking a hit. Once you reach the point of being able to kill cyclops in 3-5 minutes easily, farm him until you get the Golden weapon or a purple butcher weapon. Don't waste your time with fortitude items focus on resolve. Resolve has item find and makes farming gold items soo much easier. Purple resolve items are worth investing money and reagents in but not Soul shards. The only thing worth putting soul shards in is your weapon until your reach Legendary mode.
An extra 200 damage will shave off a lot of time so the farm time is well worth it.While farming any boss save up the purple items until you have 1 inventory slot left and then sell everything else you pick up unless its an upgrade then you use the purples items you saved to upgrade/evolve that new better item. While your doing this your allowing gold to pile up making upgrading your skills so much faster. Offerings is a nice way to get reagents and sometimes weapons/armor if your having a hard time with a boss or a quest. You will get revive potions from the offerings on occasion, save them. The last 3-4 quests even with the golden weapon from Nian(Second boss) tends to be difficult sometimes so a revive potion is handy at this time.
Once you beat Netherborn at The Ivar Mountains you'll unlock the Mage and Legendary mode. Once you do that its tempting to try and blow through it but impossible. Its just like you started all over but with better gear so Farming Netherborn(AKA HellBoy) will help you get to farming the cyclops. Keep what your learned in mind and it will make blowing through Bosses and Quests much faster. Endless mode is a convenient and fast way of getting levels and items farm there every time you get a chance to. Once you beat Legendary Netherborn and have all Unbreakable items and his golden weapon farm from 110+ for Godly items.
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    Best advice for new players is to find a different game.
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    Sera2404 wrote: »
    Best advice for new players is to find a different game.

    hey sera Iron Knights is the best iOS 8.0 nowadays graphic are stunning try today ;)
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    Try the game call Flappy bird lol.
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