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So, to start this post of, let me first ask a rhetorical question:
What does Eternity Warriors III have in the form of playable content that is actual gameplay?

Well... It has a single-player campaign spanning 4 different areas, quite big, yet repetitive for the most part. It has endless mode, a box where you fight enemies and get loot without an end, one-size-loots-all sort've benefits. Finally, it has arena, a, to be blunt, laggy and unbalanced PvP zone that has a long energy system. Now, I know this probably isn't apparent for most of you, but there's one thing missing here that would really enrich the game, what is it you ask? Multiplayer PvE content!

Eternity Warriors III is a dungeon crawler, it's about going around in dungeons, killing minions and bosses, and collecting loot. But if you're doing this on your own the grind gets boring, the fights seem repetitive, and eventually it just stops being... fun, really. Multiplayer content would fix this though by making it seem like it matters (not that it does), and that it isn't meaningless and mindless. However, multiplayer PvE content would fix all of that, a friend in the game wouldn't just be something for private chat, guilds would be for actually playing as a group rather than getting rewards in a group, and people could finally do something that feels different (though it isn't) for a change!
Instead of just saying "hey ppl wy dont we have co-op ingame, it wuld be cool dont you think?", I'll actually throw out some ideas. Three, to be exact: co-op single-player campaign, dungeon queue, and end-game raids

Co-op single-player campaign

Co-op campaign is basically campaign that you do with 2-3 other people, that's about it. Except for a few things:

-Instead of having set a monster level, to prevent carrying, the actual monster level would be based upon the GS of the strongest player subtracted by 1/8 of the player's level plus a base monster level according to the dungeon, in equation form it would be: (SGS - 1/18WGS) + LBML = ML
-There is a limit of three players, but there are no class composition restrictions
-It is entirely separate from normal single-player campaign
-Beating the Ivar Mountains in multiplayer WILL unlock the mage, period.
-For gameplay reasons, the camera WILL NOT zoom in so that way other people will not get in the way of the view
-In order to take part in a single-player campaign with someone you must either be their friend or in the same guild as them
-You can access multiplayer the minute you finish the tutorial
-Loot is personal, you get the same loot as everyone else and there is no competition for it
-When you die, you're out unless you use a revive potion
-Aggro is based on damage done

Dungeon Queue

Dungeon Queue is exactly what it says, you queue up, find random people on your server, and automatically go to a dungeon, it has 5 players, no class composition restrictions
-difficulty is based on GS, once you get a certain level of GS you move from one dungeon to another
-dungeon comprises of 3 mini-bosses and one big boss
-you unlock dungeon queue once you get 500 GS
-there is no energy system on dungeons, but you can only get good loot from it once per day
-you are guaranteed an uncommon on mini-bosses, and a rare and big bosses, you can get rares on mini-bosses, but no epics or legendaries, you can get epics on big bosses, but no legendaries
-Aggro is based on damage done
-Loot is given out on personal loot system, each boss gives one piece
end-game Raids

End-game Raids are meant to act as something for those who are level 50 to do, they have top end loot, lvl 50 only, with a 11.5k GS requirement baseline, and are comprised of 12-15 players
-Each raid has 5 dungeon-level big bosses, and one final-boss level equivalent end boss
-dungeon level bosses always drop inferior legendaries, with a chance of dropping superior ones, end bosses always drop superior legendaries, with a chance of dropping ultimate ones
-each raid has it's own tier, and tier decides GS, disregarding legendary quality, GS requirement, and raid difficulty
-dungeon level bosses have similar abilities to campaign bosses, but slightly less complicated, end game bosses however have many abilities, but not so complicated as to need voice-chat level coordination
-a journal will detail each boss and their abilities, accessible to everyone
-it is entirely guild based
-it, like dungeons, has no energy system but can be looted only once per week
-loot, is based on a personal loot system, like dungeons

Thank you for reading my suggestion, please leave any and all feedback in the comments section:D

With Utter Sincerity,


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    Great, when this game comes out i am definetely going to download it and play it !!!
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    I agree with this fun idea. I love this idea so amazing. Never thought a new person in this forum can give an amazing idea. Crucible can you be part of the game designing lol and take over glu lol.
  • LithosLithos Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    Oh wow you seriously have some great ideas....Glu I think you know what to do, just hire Crucible here, he will be able to do something with EW3 that you guys will probably never accomplish
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  • BenJammin5BenJammin5 New Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    Very well thought out. Great details. Fk glu, find a developer that would actually make this into a playable game.

    And Lithos, please fix the typo in your Sig. Drives me crazy seeing that. :-P
  • LithosLithos Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    benjammin5 wrote: »
    very well thought out. Great details. Fk glu, find a developer that would actually make this into a playable game.

    And lithos, please fix the typo in your sig. Drives me crazy seeing that. :-p

    never muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
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    the question very simple mr Niccolo de Masi is still dreaming on his bed dont know when he will wokeup
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