Really Glu, way too obvious!

druid454druid454 New MemberRegistered Users 4 Posts
This Hunt tourney and last fuse tourney. The hackers are becoming way too obivious. The first 10-20 high guild scores are impossible to attain in the amount of time taken, but all the players know that, just you don't see it or care. If you did, banning or removal of these scores during tourney would happen so the legit guilds would get awards. Legit players/guilds don't have a chance because of your inaction. If you think players are going to play your new games, think again, you can't fix this game or control this game, why play anything else you're not going to fix or provide level playing field on. Very short term thinking Glu.


  • bigBrulesbigBrules Experienced Member Registered Users 219 Posts
    They go for the quick dollar and that's it. Worst game company ever.
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  • BenJammin5BenJammin5 New Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    It's just terrible. I see some of the usual top 5 guilds struggling to stay in the top 20-30 now. Personally, my guild has moved from top 30-40 to outside the top 100. This, more than the broken chat and horrid PvP connection, will make me stop playing. And no, I will not be playing Blood and ripoff.
    How can you reward such obvious cheating? Shameful.
  • HenShin hohoHenShin hoho Advanced Member Registered Users 769 Posts
    guys glu said no cheater hacker are success in hacking score vp valor point but when you go and check the list of top guild there are a billion billion vp point hacker are top guild so to those who really spent money please stop right now cause coming up version 4.0.0 is getting closer update for santa cross weapon and full set of armor this are on beta tester right now it could be come with Boss-Rush this time wait for so long lastly it released soon anyway
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  • JudgeDeathJudgeDeath Banned Banned Users 55 Posts
    And each entry to boss rush will cost 20 :D
  • jaggujaggu Experienced Member Registered Users 149 Posts
    tickets was the stupidest idea ever...all these games needing energy, ship tokens blah blah..if you want players to stick to the games , why make them wait to one should pay for this **** energy r ship tokens or what ever....
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