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I play on android my user name is sawyerchef69 and I am with the guild experienced. My account has been reset to level 1 with all characters and to say I am not happy is a massive understatement. Someone needs to sort my account out I have given up too much of my time playing this game to start again!!!!!!!!!!!


  • jhonltjhonlt New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    To contact because my account was banned for any reason. I ask to recover my account. Because I never did anything wrong so it can be prohibited. I ask you to do something. Because I do not agree that forbids me to play without reasons.You have to do something. Because I want my account back to normal.The account was banned to ten days. I sent the first email and I was waiting for you respoderem. But did not answer. Then, to send another email. I demand an immediate response. I do not want to spend more time friendless playing.Some told my account that is level 48 was reset to level 1. For no reason. I am an honest player So I'm calling you that my account back to normal. With items and level.
    Thank you for your help.
    account: [email protected]
    Player: ziQmaTs
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