banned injustice

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Good afternoon, I am a player ETERNITY warrios 3 game more or less one month, never used anything illegal in the game, I won my sweaty 3,4k gs race, please ask to review my account because it was banned for two weeks , never used anything illegal, give back to a simple registered in this email, please! revise it as fast as possible, while I still have time to play, thank you now! Player: iLoveXOTA

Account:[email protected]


  • iLoveXOTAiLoveXOTA New Member Registered Users 17 Posts
    Good evening, I ask you once again to revise my account, and want a quick answer, since for more than 2 weeks you do not answer me !! dezorganizado that support is this ?? My account was banned for a few days without reasons never used anything illegal, review and inform me as fast as possible .. I am awaiting the more than two weeks since grateful ja ..

    hero name> iLoveXOTA

    email>*[email protected]

    grateful, now!

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