I lost my char and all the money for gems went with him

Scarroll168Scarroll168 New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
Flu please tell me you can help me here , I dropped 50$ on your gems and played my 41 warrior. Til your app started consistently crashing and I was forced to reinstall the game. Now... Tell me why the heck I lost my **** char ?? Lost everything?? Don't your servers store the chars to my google account ?? I want him back please, I will not restart from lv one


  • caldexcaldex New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    I typed in a ****ty Name because I guessed i could just get my old game back but now i don't even want to geht back in the game. It's really ****** up.
  • MikeyBravoMikeyBravo New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same issue with my monk. Just sent my third ticket about it. Hopefully this one gets a response so I don't have to deal with Apple for answers.
  • ChypaLChypaL New Member Registered Users 22 Posts
    Same issue with [email protected]
  • ChypaLChypaL New Member Registered Users 22 Posts
    I created post in support....nothing happened.....i hope they will help us, but it looks like GLU is unsupportable company and we should not spend money buying their games��
  • utzu19utzu19 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    When i enter the game i have 4 errors and i can not play ... why???? Error 1, error 200001, and 2 others....
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