Runes for Legendary Minotaur

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Hello, in another thread it was discussed as some length about which runes to use for Legendary Spider Queen. I now have a question about Legendary Minotaur. I am planning on using 30%+ ice attack, a level 56 purple cc/cd weapon, and purple lightning resist runes in armor. Additionally, I am currently equipped with full Godly set with a couple of Inconceivable and Lava pieces in there.

Two questions:
1. Do I need more ice attack or should 30%+ be sufficient?
2. Does my current set up look like I could handle Legendary Minotaur ok?

Thanks in advance! 😶
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    You´re good to go, just two remarks - try to get wings - put a purple rune in it to make your attack 40%. Try to find lvl 58 gold weapon. I´ve got 4 of them from rabbitkin.
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    Is there any Lvl 58 gold weapon for warrior with CC/CD? I have a Lvl58 gold CC weapon but don't know if it is better than Lvl 58 purple CC/CD.
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