glu idiot! fix the bug idiot!

madaratobimadaratobi New MemberRegistered Users 10 Posts
hey glu pls dont be idiot, fix the bug in the arena! some players full the curtain to avoid damage! this bug still in the arena since day 1 of eternity warrior 3. i spend my money to this game. just fix that bug! asap! idiot!!


  • Max SterlingMax Sterling Experienced Member Registered Users 311 Posts
    Lol they care not! Play Darkness Reborn by GameVille or Rise of Darkness by CMGE. Both very similar to EW3 with great customer service and get this, all ur data is saved by them on their servers and if u lose or break ur device ur not completely screwed like with glu games. Glu, if u guys saved data like every other developer in the world, u could be a top company again
  • MaledectusMaledectus New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    I Agreed with u
  • rusalina1rusalina1 New Member Registered Users 27 Posts
    Gne gne gne
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