Glu fix BGI for kindle now!!!

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Glu has been doing a sucky job with Blood and Glory Immortals! If you play the game on a Apple you will have every new update and customer service will work on your problems right away! BUT if you play on a kindle or a android then you better expect **** poor service!!! We have had nothing but disrespect from the beginning with in game options that have only ever been available to Apple players. Multiple in game bugs (example: town and guild cats have had a repeat for over 2 months) and 5 messed up events in the past month. What is your problem Glu how do you expect someone to what to spend $ on a game that works less than half the time & isn't right to begin with!!!

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    Amen Sidni...Getting tired of being the red headed step child just because I don't have a ^%$#@ Apple product!!! People that play Android and Kindle have the same color money...just FYI!!!
    Three straight **** weekends of getting shut out of the slayer event. Thanks Glu...Be prepared to lose customers....

    "A happy customer tells (2) unhappy customer tells (200)....
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    HermanJabs; You sick freak!

    Admin, please remove this shameless advert.
    I get notifications on threads.
    I log in only to find this gabbage posted.

    And ban these morons please.
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    Don't ever play glu games on Kindle
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