Marcus85 still hacking (proof)

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I've been reporting the same two hackers for weeks, even receiving multiple assurances from staff that they were looking into both of them. Using the same method as I did with MinhBTVNno1, I recorded Marcus85 hacking. Thankfully, he sucks horribly, but the fact that he's allowed to continue with no consequence whatsoever is annoying as hell. Glu simply lied about it. I've fought him 6 times today and won 5. Below is video proof:

What are you waiting for Glu?:mad:

I expected to run into him again so I paused the recording when Tok00 was matched with me (I know he's legit, face him a lot too) and then unpaused the recording when Marcus showed up afterward. My trial version of reflecter only stays active for 10 minutes, so that is why the recording ends after I am re-paired with marcus85 after the Tok00 fight. Unfortunately, that was the battle in which Marcus85 finally beat me.


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    Hi Kevin!

    WHEN??? you will finally understand that GLU does NOTHING against cheaters!?!?!
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