Runes and Legendary Rabbitkin

nightforcenightforce New MemberRegistered Users 37 Posts

i am still waiting to get a 50+ legendary weapon from gold offerings or Endless Tower 120+

In the meanwhile (11k gs, lvl54) i try to improve my Runes.

Whats the chance to sucessfully upgrade better runes without spend gems? 0,003 % ?? *lol*

Whats the point of farming firelotus tower at higher levels? No point i guess.
The drops and mobs are bad.

What Runes/GS you recommend for Rabbitkin? I just look for the easiest option to farm highest tier soulshards...

When does the Gold Offerings upgrade? at lvl 55?
actually i get a minus 150 purple armor as a reward when i spend 10 *pfft*

thanks for your feedback


  • Throne RooMThrone RooM New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Gold Offerings change at lvl 50, and again at lvl56. That's all I know...
  • nightforcenightforce New Member Registered Users 37 Posts
    Mika8000 wrote: »
    dont spend gold offering until lvl 56, from lvl 56 you will a complete new set of weapons and armor...

    great, thanks. i collected at least 11 gold offerings and won't spend them ;)

    the only problem: i think i need a few weeks to level from 54 to 56 ^^
    the exp bar is moving so slow... the best option for me is running Tower 120+ and daily exp from forge quest

    and the fact that GLU doesn't provide any more challenges for Android is sooo demotivating
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