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modding day or release, adverts in forum, and no replies....just like old times...


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    They have no interest in this genre of game. They should just sell the rights off to Ten Cent.
    They have released Cooking Dash 16, Tap Sports Football, Deer Hunter 16, EW4, and are trying to get Bond 007 in before quarter end (Bond may get pushed to Q4). Then they have that cash cow that is Kim Kardashin Hollywood and have said they are releasing another celebrity game in Q4 (Katy Perry? A Jenner girl?). They also make a ton from Racing Rivals.
    The stock tanked based on the Q2 earnings call, and they owe it to the investors to bring the share price back up. That share price will not move based on the $3-$5 million this game franchise will bring in, but the other projects above stand to make them a cool $80+ million. EW is small potatoes and not worth the resources.
    In short, they have a lot on their plate, and their personnel are assigned to other projects. EW3/4 is pretty small in total revenue compared to the rest of their portfolio, even Cooking Dash!
    To us these games are everything, but to them, for the reasons outlined above, this is back burner.
    Oh yeah, and how kill cyclop?
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    Firth wrote: »
    ... adverts in forum....just like old times...

    Oh, was that an advert? Durn, I bought those designer shoes! I thought it was a vanity item for my toon!
    PS How kill cyclop?
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    It will be as bgi !?
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