Comprehensive guide on EW4, and what to know! (LONG POST)

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Hey guys, I forgot to change my name in-game so I'm stuck as Finn forever. I'm currently sitting at 12.6k total PS, rank #127 on the leaderboard after starting two days ago. This guide should not be taken as law, but it's gonna be full of helpful tips for new players and people who wanna know how to start out!

First off, some tips on how to maximize your day's play, and the best way to take advantage of some of the game's mechanics.

How to spend gems:
You can spend them on some things if you're lazy, but really I only recommend spending them on energy refills and coins. Do NOT buy god of gold offerings, it might look appealing as a new player but the items you get aren't good enough to warrant 100 gems when you could say, auto-battle a boss 5 times with those gems, get gold and XP, AND a chance at a good epic/legendary weapon with some other gear and materials peppered in.
You can ALSO buy star-stones with gems, and while you shouldn't break your bank on star stones, they give you a pretty good amount of PS and it's the best way to gain PS by spending gems. Star stones would probably be the next best thing I'd spend my gems on if I had a lot that I (literally can't) spend on refills/coins.

Enchants system:
This is new (I think) but rather than upgrading your gear/weapons, you upgrade your "proficiency" (I guess) with them. Upgrading an enchant costs a good amount of gold, as well as material costs every 5 levels.
Priority should generally be upgrading your weapons and your ring/amulet as damage is your greatest asset while health/defense don't get you nearly as much mileage. Usually there's a quest around the enchant level that gives you some mats, but you won't have enough to upgrade everything.

Every piece now has a max PS, and it's random whether or not it's at that maximum. This is entirely up to you, but weapons are the rarest so I usually use these on weapons, but accessories are good too. You gain a massive amount of attack from reforging especially on Epic+ weapons. This falls in with what I said about attack being your best asset.

I also notice, most armor pieces seem to be closer to max PS than weapons.

Finish a mission with an A/S score and you can now use auto-battle tickets to complete the mission instantly, there are no drawbacks as far as gold/xp/items goes. You can use these if you're too lazy to farm materials from a certain level, but DO NOT use them out of laziness unless you have a ton lying around or are having a busy life.
The second best way to spend these is on bosses, as you're getting 20 XP and 2k gold + items/mats for one ticket. However, the best way is easily:

If you join a guild, you gain guild activities which contribute to leveling up your guild when you complete them. These USUALLY involve completing a certain mission 3 times, which can be very boring. Use auto battle tickets on THESE, as you can complete the quest and get yourself guild marks which can buy useful stuff in your guild's store depending on the level of your guild.

As far as maximizing your energy goes.. Do your dailies first of all. These offer the best bang for your buck period, the rate on story missions is 100 gold/1 XP per energy, and this number is static. However you can get up to 6000 coins + 20 XP for 20 energy from the treasure dungeon, 30 XP+2k coins and good items from scavenger, 60 XP and 2k coins from the EXP dungeon.

Onto the classes!

The classes in EW4 have a pretty similar skill setup. They all 4 skills, some have utility like knockback/knockdown and they have mobility skills that make them invulnerable for a short time. They have one BIG cooldown that does a lot of damage, and they all have rage mode skills with one spammable skill and one big skill that does a lot of damage. The biggest new player mistakes I see, are starting off with their big skill in rage mode (this uses up almost your entire bar, that could have been used on 5-6 spammable skills and THEN your big attack) AND using their invulnerability skills for damage. You USUALLY want to avoid using mobility skills for damage, and rather use them for escaping/dodging damage. In PvP they can and usually do save your life.

Also, depending on what you're doing, you should use the rage building skills on trash mobs, as the rage meter gained from this scales exponentially with the amount of targets you're actually hitting.


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    THE THE THE best class for PvP, due to how much invulnerability they have on their skills. If you don't believe me, I'm at rank ~1000 in PvP with warrior and as I climb my options on who to fight are usually 3/5-5/5 assassins.
    Not the best damage, but with patient play it shines extremely bright on bosses and other such things that you aren't anywhere near the suggested PS for. Has a very useful rage mode as well, with a skill that almost freezes enemies.

    Assassin plays a bit differently from the other two classes, in that it's auto attack is actually the bread and butter for damage. Other classes rely on spamming their cooldowns, where assassin's 2 low-CD skills should be used almost purely for their utility.

    Flashing Strikes - Combo attack with a knockdown at the end. Pretty low damage, once again I'd recommend using this for the knockback/knockdown.

    Blade Lotus - Builds rage meter better than any other skill in the game. If you hit a few mobs with it at once, you can build almost a full bar of rage. For bosses you can get this off almost for free by using flashing strikes' knockback, going into blade lotus, and then escaping as they go to attack you with Blink. Flashing strikes for that situation I just described is not necessary, though.

    Blink - Actually your primary damage skill if you don't need the survivability it gives you. On harder stuff, use it to turtle for your cooldowns and such, and avoid attacks.
    The skill desc. says it reduces the damage you take, but really I take damage so rarely while blinking that you'd think it makes you invulnerable.

    Shadow Dance - Your "big" cooldown. Flurry of SINGLE TARGET attacks with an AoE at the end, the damage is far from the best. HOWEVER, you are invulnerable for the ENTIRE PERIOD of shadow dance, making it extremely abusable both in PvP and PvE.

    Rage Mode/Rage Skills

    Rapid Fire - You blink backwards and spam a crossbow at enemies, with a black hole sucking them into your line of fire. If you're moving around when you use this you can face the wrong way and miss out on a lot of damage, but the damage from this is pretty good if you get the full crossbow flurry.

    Arrow Storm - Good damage with a slow that near-freezes the enemy, on other classes I'll recommend saving your big attack for when rage is about to run out, but on Assassin I'd say to be sure to use Arrow Storm before rage mode runs out as the slow will persist for a few seconds allowing you to get a little more freebie damage.

    Another tip for arrow storm, do NOT use it when it's going to enrage an enemy. Most bosses/minibosses have enrages that trigger at 50% HP, and make them invincible. If you use this and enrage an enemy, they'll just sit invincible for a logn time and waste a lot of your rage meter. Use Rapid Fire if you're going to enrage the target.

    Good in PvP and solid to meh in PvE. I'd say it's actually the weakest of the 3 classes for PvE, but it's not actually "weak"
    Warrior's PvP playstyle is odd though, in that you're somewhat forced to let the opponent hit you a bit and trigger your own rage mode before they can use their own rage mode, and then decimate them with Surging Strike.


    Leap - This is your invulnerable skill on warrior, your others do not have invulnerability with the exception of your big attack in rage mode. It ALSO has a huge aoe and huge damage though, so it can be used for aoe trash clearing as well.

    Cleave - 4 hit "combo" with hefty damage on each strike. Just as you'd do on assassin you can spam this and save yourself with Leap when you're about to take a hit.

    Block - Kinda UP. In previous EW games you could hit block just before taking damage and trigger an invulnerable, big-damage parry while taking no damage yourself. Now, you have to block an attack, TAKE damage, and then parry. The damage mitigation is also pretty weak considering you have to stand there and take punishment, so I don't use this much.

    Whirlwind - Crazy damage, this is your big cooldown but ALSO your rage-builder. It has a small AoE though and no invulnerability, so it requires you to leave yourself in the boss's face while using it, however the damage you take is usually worth the damage you're dealing.

    Rage Mode
    Warrior's rage mode is what I'd say makes it the best damage dealer. Surging strike has ridiculous damage, and you can get a LOT of them in during a full period of rage mode.

    Bouncing Blade - Has a teeny bit of invuln during certain parts of it, mostly before the "finishing" move from mashing. I don't use this until my bar is completely empty, and depending on how scared I am of taking damage during the long animation, I might not use it at all. You can also fit in an extra surging strike after bouncing blade's animation finishes though, EVEN IF your rage bar empties during bouncing blade.

    Surging Strike - Insane damage, AoE and single target. Once again, the bulk of what makes warrior the best damage dealer. Spam spam spam spam.
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    Finn1180758Finn1180758 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Solid in PvP, and in my opinion the best class for PvE. It has a good balance of both utility and damage, allowing you to put out good damage while keeping yourself pretty safe.

    Hellfire - Rains down fire in a 360 radius around you, also has a knockback/knockdown. If you want the utility portion of it, use it whenever the enemy's in range, but if you want the damage use it when you're as close as you can get to ensure as many fire***** hit them as possible.

    Cyclone - Pushes enemies back and sucks them in, knocks back when it goes away. Very useful for turtling enemies, and bunching them up to set up your AoE damage.

    Ice Teleport - Pretty good invuln frames and gets you a good distance away, leaves glaciers in your trail that do decent damage. Once again you should really only use this for it's utility unless you're farming for speed.

    Ball Lightning - Great damage and great AoE, but you're somewhat vulnerable during it. Whenever you use it on a boss, back up a bit because the AoE range is generally bigger than their attack range and so they'll just swing and miss you.

    Rage mode-

    Summon Fox God - Big attack. It's hit/miss, the hit being that you start off with an AoE that does huge damage, the miss being that you need to be close to the target for that AoE to hit. I actually sometimes don't use this at all during rage mode, and strictly spam...

    Fox Fire - Jumps backwards and shoots out homing spirits that do very good damage, allowing you to stay away and mow down enemies at the same time. If you end rage mode with fox god summon you can squeeze in another fox fire before you exit rage mode.

    To learn how to take best advantage of your class's skills, I'd recommend doing the trial of heroes whatever PS you may be, as long as you're high enough to not get one-shotted by the bosses. Trial 1-3 are all very easily telegraphed bosses and allow you to practice fighting.

    That's about it for this guide, I'm actually not sure what else to put in here that isn't completely obvious! Thanks for reading
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    Thank you for your input, Finn. I was waiting for this :) Always better to compare the view and knowledge and get some extra tips. Good job
    EW3: Jakub1302
    BGI: Jakub 1302, the guildleader of Goodfellas
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    Thanks for the guide. Lets hope hackers don't mess this like ew3.:rolleyes:
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    nightforcenightforce Registered Users 37 Posts
    EW4 has still a few issues with the balancing and the combat,
    but at least i hope it gets the support which is needed.

    What about the reward for the first 10.000 who reach lvl 25?
    I was close to 25 (like 1500 of 10000 reached it) and 1 day after the reward disappeared? or did i miss something?

    and 1 thing i don't understand:
    why are the guild reinforcements so weak but expensive?
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