Game Glitch and Problem thread

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-on boss levels 1-10, 2-10, and 3-10 the camera does not move. The fight is off screen and you can't see what is going on.

-team up doesn't work well. Your partner often is caught in the corner (hush yo mouf!) with a baddie for the whole fight and does not help. It costs you time to go over and help tour team mate (like throwing water on dogs?!) so you can get to the next wave. Extra time means no 1:40 completion.

-arena, oh...arena. Big hopes for this, but it is all just automated bots. Can't we just play each other mano y mano? Or hermana y hermana? It would be so much better. Other games do this. Glu is on top of the mobile gaming world- would think they could incorporate this easily.

-Guild notifications - please give us a chance to turn this off (anon is online, that kind of stuff). We could use chat and social aspects of the game so much better if this was not always interrupting conversation.

-Man, you sure set the bar high for Star Stone purchases! How many people have bit? Lower it, and I bet you see more peeps forking over cash to you.

Please make me like this game!
not firth

PS how kill cyclop?


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    annonannon Registered Users 128 Posts
    Oh yeah: server maintenance? On a Friday night? Who made that call? I think not a wise move. Might be missing some peeps who download this for the first time, can't log on and say forget it and delete game.
    Us old timers will have to go out and get fresh air <cough> and maybe have to talk to, like, real people <shudder>, or mebbe even our wife/husband/GF/BF <puke>.
    Or Karaoke <Firth>.
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    Max SterlingMax Sterling Registered Users 311 Posts
    Annon go play Kim Kardashian Hollywood or one of your other games til the maintenance is over. You must be extremely bored bro. You've posted more in this first week of ew4 than you did the entire time you played ew3. Hahaha jk bro glad to see you bro.
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