This game is horrible

Marcman320Marcman320 Registered Users 25 Posts
This game is buggy and i will never play it again.
Due to glu's lack of response for months to hundreds of players i will not spend a dime on this company in any capacity.
You should have stuck with b&g style and updated it. Your facebook page is a joke and so is your marketing. After pming handles and tbe dev team over the course of months i and manh other still have not gotten a simple answer
You lost out on many customers and potential customers


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    jakub1302jakub1302 Registered Users 197 Posts
    I can´t tell you how many times did I read the same post :) They just do not care, even writing an honest and good-willing feedback is a waste of time to them.
    EW3: Jakub1302
    BGI: Jakub 1302, the guildleader of Goodfellas
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